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mother-daughter-love-sunset-51953This site and blog introduces the world to my Mother Margie. She never told me to be more or asked me to be less. I was known as Margie’s Daughter. It is the emblem  of my legacy. In the year 2000  her spirit left her body.  It lives on  through Margie’s Daughter a path for all traveling the road of discovery, connection and change.
She was an iconic figure that moved through our community and family wrapped in great humility and natural leadership.  She faced all of life’s challenges head on with creative solutions and great humor. She encouraged all to use their mind, to learn, to think, and hear their own voice.
She continually demonstrated that being the best was something a woman could effortlessly achieve like breathing. She did it with great ease, grace and generosity. She clearly demonstrated that any accomplishment was something that should be savored. She consistently demonstrated to the world that it was natural for a girl to achieve, win and most importantly enjoy it.
silhouette of man touching woman against sunset skyHer easy, un-assuming and non-judgmental manner engaged everyone.  She was on equal footing with whomever she encountered regardless of their level of education or status in life. She knew exactly who she was and clearly heard her own voice. She had that rare quality of connecting with people at a very intimate and deep level. She had a way of making people feel special. She lived absolutely in the moment.
She adopted many sons and daughters over the years. She was coined by many as “Lady Margaret”and ranked as first round draft pick for mother-in-law”.  Her outlook was forever young and hip. She embraced change into her 89th year and  with her last breath.  It was not uncommon to come home and find friends hanging out with  her  and seeking her counsel and advice. On numerous occasions, I would find adult men and women from throughout our neighborhood at our kitchen table seeking her counsel.
Join us. Sit at her table. Meet Margie. It is just that simple……………………………………………….





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