Geno explores the world at 3 months for wesiteHi my name is Geno. I am only three months old in the photo. I am just starting to explore the outside world. This was my favorite spot to watch the world go by during my 13 years on Mother Earth. My spirit is free now and lives on here through Geno Speaks. My voice and image is used to help  raise awareness, support and protect all animals and care for Mother Earth. You can just click the donate button  on my page to help or go to our Wall Of Heroes to find more ways to help.
I had a spectacular life and upbringing.  I was greatly  loved and cared for. Ready for that ride is the story of my last journey on earth.  It is a life lesson in the power of letting go. I hope it helps others who are walking the path of making a choice to free a love one from suffering. I have learned that making that choice is the greatest act of  pure Love that  we can experience.
Ready for that ride …… I am writing about my dog Geno. A 20 lb. black mini poodle. He was the best, intelligent and loyal. I had to put him down. It’s breaking my heart.  I know I must try to get over this or at least carry on. I gave him the best ending at Dr. Rosemary’s office. She cared for him from three months of age. Then as life goes his first heart attack came and then a cancer diagnosis from Dr Rosemary.  The kidney failure was it in the end. He came to me for long pets near the end. On the last day he laid down outside the Vets office.  I let him have that moment. He knew. Then I picked him up and carried him in. He was ready. As he lay on the table, I looked right in his eyes and spoke to him. He was slowly taking the sedative but I said “good boy” half a dozen times and “I’ll see you up there”. It was a rare late September day. He was staring at the sun and feeling the warm breeze coming in  from the open window as the process went on. I know he’s sleeping and no longer in pain or discomfort.  I have set his spirit free. See you buddy. As I ask one more time. “ Who wants to go for a ride ?”

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