Our Mission- Tilt the World in a Better Direction.

Margie’s Daughter is a gateway to the carriers of life skills that walk with us and among us in our neighborhoods, communities and families. People who demonstrate daily hands on problem solving. People who build connections and community by delivering a steady stream of sound leadership. Their efforts are the foundation of a well-functioning and stable society. Margie’s Daughter is about exploration and discovery.  We talk with you not at you. We do not supply answers and solutions. It is a space for you to find them.
Subscribe and connect with people and organizations that are tilting the world in a better directionMeet Margie and experience her spirit. Join the conversation on our Blog Filomena Sez. Meet Geno. Connect with his efforts to protect Mother Earth’s creatures and habitats. Discover the power gained by connecting and cherishing Mother Earth.geno speaks website
We are a  path for all those traveling the road of discovery, connection, and change. We are a touchstone to wisdom….. Our own.   It is just that simple……………………………………… 


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