Wall Of Heroes

Living Proof Heroes do exists. Just click on their website to Donate. Help to tilt the world in a better direction. It is just that simple. 

Real Heroes Live and Walk Among Us……………………………….

real heroesThe pandemic has given birth to a steady stream of Heroes. Heroes emerge daily from the ranks of people who walk with and live among us. We no longer have to search the landscape to find them.They are standing right next to us in our families, neighborhoods and communities.Their selfless deeds and actions are a beacon of hope. Their commitment is an act of valor that inspires and unites us. Their actions are constant reminder that we are not walking alone. We thank all they work to tilt the world through this pandemic to the other side.It is just that simple…margiesdaughter.com


Vision,Leadership,Commitment,Result=My Sister’s Place

cropped-logo-margies-daughter-19353582-1523276604318For over 40 years My Sisters’ Place (MSP) has diligently worked to end domestic violence and human trafficking. It is their mission to create a world in which every individual has the basic human right to be free from gender-based violence and to engage in relationships based on the principles of respect, equality, and safety. MSP’s specialized Human Trafficking program grew out of the knowledge that the patterns of abuse are common to both domestic violence and human trafficking. MSP is at the forefront of a community wide response to human trafficking across our county and beyond. MSP provides access to a confidentially located emergency shelter. MSP has a 24/7 Hotline 800-298-7233 (safe). During the covid-19 pandemic, MSP continues to accept new residents.. MSP also provide specially designed programs to reach youth, parents, and adults that work with youth to identify abuse and learn how to establish and maintain healthy relationships.Their Center for Legal Services (CLS) serves survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. CLS Attorneys provide free, trauma informed legal representation to clients of all genders in a supportive and judgment free environment.Explore and connect to their Mission.Visit their spectacular interactive website mspny.org. Donations are welcomed and easy to make. Experience the full scope, power, impact of their work. We thank them for tilting the word in a better direction.  margiesdaughter.com


Donate To Visiting Nurse COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund………….

For well over 100 years the Visiting Nurse Association has been at the forefront in preparing, protecting and helping people.They have been on the front lines assisting communities and the most vulnerable threatened by polio, tuberculosis, measles, influenza, and HIV. VNA staff are now on the front lines, caring for COVID-19 patients in their homes and in facilities.Over 2,000 clinical staff have been specially trained to provide  care during this pandemic. The VNA has equipped them with personal protective equipment including masks, gloves, gowns, face shields and hand sanitizer. Special Infection Control training and daily symptom checks insure care givers safety and protect their patients and families.Join the fight against COVID-19. Just click on the  following link to make a tax-deductible donation to the VNA Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund TODAY. Support the VNA superheroes,dedicated doctors, nurses and clinicians caring for COVID-19 patients in their homes and the community. Donate. Let them know that we are walking along side of them.It is just that simple…margiesdaughter.com


Support Sustainable and Sourced Food = Edible Jersey

For 14 years, Edible Jersey has celebrated New Jersey’s food community.They believe  locally sourced, sustainable food is essential to our health, communities,and local economies.The pandemic has moved the importance of local sourced food to the forefront.Locally sourced food is critical to our foods safety, availability and local economies. This is a mission we can all support.Whether you live in New Jersey or not.Be inspired.Seek out and support local farms,farmer markets and businesses that produce the food you eat. Start by purchasing this great cook book @ediblecommunities.com/edible-cookbook. It is just that simple. margiesdaughter.com


The American Revolution Museum 


Did you know that The Oneida Nation was America’s first ally in the Revolutionary War?To demonstrate their continued commitment and shared history.The Oneida’s donated $10 million to The American Revolution Museum in Philadelphia.The Museum presents historical perspectives through the eyes of people who lived during the Revolution.Their goal is to connect people to build understanding and respect for the views of others. To empower them to make positive changes in their communities and beyond. Visit www.amrevmuseum.org to connect with the collective efforts that created our great Democracy. Celebrate with pride that we are a great nation founded on inclusion.


Savings Lives is Their Mission = Boston MedFlight

BMF-001_35Years_Logo_cropped4[1]Boston MedFlight is a nonprofit formed in 1985 as an air transport service by a consortium of hospitals. Over the past 30 years Boston MedFlight has evolved into a critical care transport system for critically ill and injured patients. They provide  helicopter ,ground, and airplane services. Boston MedFlight has become an integral part of the region’s healthcare delivery system. Their daily mission is to provide the right vehicle to the right patient at the right time and transporting them to the right facility. Patient  receive an advanced level of critical care from the moment they are picked up to the moment they are transferred to the waiting trauma team.Visit their spectacular website. http://www.bostonmedflight.org/.Donations are easily made and greatly appreciated. We place them on our Wall of Heroes. Margie’s Daughter thanks Boston MedFlight for tilting the world in a new and better direction. margiesdaughter.com


Connect to Environmental Stewardship=Greater Newark Conservancy

newark conservencGreater Newark Conservancy founded in 1987 promotes environmental stewardship to improve the quality of life in New Jersey’s urban communities. The Conservancy has four program areas. They are environmental education, community greening and gardening, job training and advocacy for environmental justice. The conservancy  programs and initiatives are guided by core principles which encourage and support community empowerment, pride and self-sufficiency and  foster an appreciation  and connection between urban residents and the natural world. The Conservancy diligently works with schools, community groups, youth organizations, senior citizens, inter generational groups and adolescent urban youth. To explore and support their vision and Mission and how to become involved. Visit their spectacular website citybloom.org/about-us/.


The Super Heroes Protecting Mother Earth and Her People = Earthjustice.

giphy[1]Earthjustice is the foremost public interest and environmental law organization dedicated to protecting our planet and defending the rights of all people to a healthy environment.They use the power of law and the strength of partnership to protect people’s health, preserve magnificent places and wildlife, advance clean energy, and combat climate change.This stellar organization is behind nearly every major environmental victory. Their legal work has saved irreplaceable wild lands. Cleaned up the air we breathe.Protected countless species on the brink of extinction.Secured historic limits on our nation’s worst polluting industries and much more. Earthjustice does all of this and much more with the generous support and contributions of people. Earthjustice is a 501(c) 3 non-profit recognized annually for their commitment to transparency and efficiency by the nation’s chief watchdog groups. Charity Navigator has awarded them their top rating for more than a decade. Visit their spectacular website earthjustice.org to connect with and support their Mission


Teaching Empathy By Connecting with Rescue Dogs=Healing Species

Healing Species is the only organization in the world that rescues and rehabilitates dogs that no one else wants. At their Sanctuary Dogs are prepared for adoption or to serve as ambassadors for their nationally acclaimed violence intervention/empathy curriculum and programs for schools and prisons.Attorney Cheri Brown Thompson founded Healing Species in Orangeburg, SC in 1999. Her Mission and Vision started with a single rescued dog and her fervent belief that teaching empathy breaks the cycle of violence.dogs As part of Healing Species Mission prison inmate dog handlers  are paired with abused and neglected dogs in need of socialization prior to adoption. This powerful connection transforms the lives of both.Visit www.healingspecies.org to experience the healing power of empathy, break the cycle of violence and transform lives.


National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy=Committed to Horses, Hope, and Healing

horse therapyHorses are majestic, powerful, playful, beautiful and deep feeling beings that have expanded  sensory and emotional awareness. Horses have the extraordinary ability to instantly read our emotional states good and bad. For 48 years the National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy(NCEFT) has been pioneering equine-assisted therapy programs.This stellar organization is dedicated to helping children, adults, military veterans, and first responders to reach beyond their physical, mental and emotional  boundaries and limitations. They transform peoples lives through their equine-assisted therapies, education, and research. They currently provide more than 4,000 therapeutic sessions a year. Visit there spectacular website www.nceft.org to connect with the full scope of their innovative programs and services. Donate to embrace the healing power of Horses. It is just that simple.

Tools & Tiaras -Where Strong Girls Are Forged

construction princessesTools & Tiaras Inc. is a nonprofit committed to changing the way society views, and defines “women’s work”. Their Mission is  to motivate  and build in young girls a passion and curiosity to pursue careers in the construction industry,  mechanical, and technical fields. They diligently work to empower girls  to explore and pursue careers as an electrician, carpenter, plumber and auto mechanic. Tools & Tiaras efforts start early conducting programs for girls at the elementary, middle and high school levels. The girls participate in  hands-on projects in carpentry, electrical, plumbing and automotive at their summer camps, conferences, and careers workshops. Tools & Tiaras works with educational institutions, research institutes and  wide range of businesses to enhance the girls experiences and opportunities. Their Mentoring Network is a key element that empowers,develops and supports the girls to succeed on what ever path in life they choose. Connect and help build their Vision.Visit  https://www.toolsandtiaras.org/


10 years

Mary’s Place is a beautiful retreat and respite for women facing the challenges of cancer. A place where cancer may be a common denominator but not the defining one. It surrounds women with love, understanding, and healing energy. Mary’s Place services are free to all that walk though their doors. It accommodates nine overnight guests in a private room with a full bathroom and an onsite elevator to accommodate guest with mobility issues. Healing Nutrition  is a key element in their programs and services with  hands-on sessions and meals prepared in their large teaching kitchen. Visit @marysplacebythesea.org Connect with the full scope of their services and program. Donate to experience the Joy of healing energy. 
Angel Flight East
The mission of Angel Flight East @angelflighteast.org is to provide free air transportation to qualified patients and their families by arranging flights to distant medical facilities, delivering supplies to disaster areas and reuniting families during desperate times. Angel Flight East is a nonprofit organization with a service range from Virginia to Ohio to Maine. For destinations beyond they link those in need with other volunteer pilot organizations. Harry Morales, a pilot, helped with relief efforts after Hurricane Andrew in 1992, founded Angel Flight East in Pennsylvania with the help of Jeff Kahn and Joe Staples and numerous other dedicated individuals. Their vision and commitment to the principles of public benefit flying became a reality. Please visit  Angel Flight East website to explore the full scope of their Services, Commitment and Mission@angelflighteast.org. Become involved and donate.

pet for vets

Pets for Vets is a non-profit organization that improves the lives of both Veterans and Dogs. By connecting them in a thoughtful and caring way. It provides a second chance to Shelter Dogs by rescuing, training, and matching them with American Veterans. Shelter Dogs receive a second chance at life and Veterans receive a second chance at health and happiness. This powerful connection is a healing force for veterans suffering from combat stress and emotional issues to help them transition back into civilian life. Our enduring bond with Dogs reduces suffering, mitigates loneliness, improves mental well-being and bridges the gap between ourselves and others. Pet For Vets has chapters throughout the United States. Connect and support their efforts @https://petsforvets.com/.  

Save Our Oceans….BECOME A WAVE MAKER= Join Oceana

Oil companies have received federal permission to use seismic air guns to find oil and gas deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean floor from New England to Florida. This dangerous process is repeated every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day for days for weeks at a time.animal boy child cute
The air guns are so loud coastal ecosystems are destroyed and marine mammals, sea turtles and other marine wildlife are injured. Impacts include temporary and permanent hearing loss, disruption of mating and feeding, beach stranding and deaths. Whales and dolphins rely on their hearing to find food, communicate and reproduce. The Nonprofit environmental watchdog Oceana is working to halt the use of these devices and stop the expansion of dangerous offshore drilling that follows the seismic testing. Founded in 2001, Oceana is the largest international group focused solely on ocean conservation. Their offices in North America, South America and Europe work together on strategic and directed campaigns to achieve measurable outcomes that help return our oceans to former levels of abundance. Go to usa.oceana.org to BECOME A WAVE MAKER  to save our Oceans.


Fraidy Reiss Warrior and Angel…………Unchained At Last.

black and white connected hands love

Fraidy Reiss is forced-marriage survivor and the founder of Unchained At Last. She is dedicated to helping women and girls to escape arranged/forced child marriage and rebuild their lives. Unchained is the only organization  in the United States dedicated to helping women and girls escape or resist arranged/forced marriages. Unchained At Last provides a full range of support services to help them rebuild their lives. It is the only organization that promotes social policy, legal changes and legislation to end arranged/forced and child marriage. Faidy trapped in this abusive marriage for 12 years and denied reproductive, financial and legal rights. Through her great courage and fortitude, she escaped along with her two daughters. All done with no support from her family or community. Visit Unchained At Last @unchainedatlast.org to connect and support their mission.

Walk Free Foundation…..Exposing Modern Slavery

silhouette of people by the seashore

Did you know that North Korea has the highest prevalence of modern slavery in the world? More than 2.6 million people live under modern slavery in this country. Andrew Forrest,the founder of the Walk Free Foundation is an ardent anti-slavery campaigner. Walk Free has published the Global Slavery Index since 2013. Currently over 40 million people worldwide are trapped in some form of modern slavery. Children are the most vulnerable and exploited. Visit their website to connect with their Mission @ www.walkfreefoundation.org. 

Hope and Kindness …..Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue

skylandfarmSkylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue started on one tiny piece of land with a few small animals. It has grown into an entire farm full of  animals that are rescued from slaughterhouses, live markets, farms, extreme neglect, abuse, religious ceremonies, abandonment, and found wandering streets. All the animals are provided with proper veterinary care, the best foods, water, a safe place to live, eat and sleep. The animals are given around the clock love. The people at Skylands understand that every living creature on Mother Earth needs room to run and live free of fear.  Each of the animals has a story, a name and their own unique personalities. Take a tour of the farm by visiting their spectacular website @www.skylandssanctuary.org.Meet the animals. Learn how to adopt an animal to sponsor.