pile of five booksI am educated way beyond a Master Degree with academic credentials to numerous to list.  I have studied and practiced the eastern philosophies and sciences of India, Japan and China.  I am a  dedicated professional with over 30 years of experience in top leadership and executive positions. I have a proven track record of accomplishments for creative programs in leadership development and community solutions. Some consider me an expert in the field of mind/body healing. But my most impressive credential is that I am Margie’s Daughter.
She gave me a clear advantage by consciously placing me in the driver’s seat of my life. She provided me with the necessary space to hear, cultivate and use my own voice. The voice percolating up from my thoughts, feelings and ideas. She surrounded me  with a safety net which empowered me to explore, build self confidence, make mistakes and  face life’s challenges.
cropped-pexels-photo-256807-1.jpegMargie’s Daughter provides a path for all to explore and discover their natural abilities and innate potential. It is a space to learn the skills necessary to succeed at whatever path in life you chose. Like my Mother with me I am committed to empowering others to maximize their innate potential, resources, skills and abilities.
To my Mother, who taught me how to stand and think on my feet, make sound decisions and accept the consequences of my actions good and bad. I am committed to carrying your wisdom into the world.I am Margie’s Daughter……..It is just that simple……………


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